| Todd Cintron

Principal, Inhabit Space, Inc.
Los Angeles, California / USA

“Trust” is a pervasive word in Todd Cintron’s interior design career. It resonates whenever clients tell him that they “trust” his eye, his vision or his message. In recent years, by earning such confidence and delivering exciting results, Cintron and his company, Inhabit Space, Inc. have gained notoriety within the Los Angeles design community. From modern residences to fashion showrooms to landmark Hollywood estates, Cintron has forged an eclectic path, showcasing beauty, comfort and functionality with every residential and commercial design project.

The “trust” of others, and his own instincts, led the self-taught Cintron to found Inhabit Space, Inc. in 2004. This followed a successful 10-year career in television production that saw him involved in popular shows. Beyond TV, Cintron steadily invested in the booming L.A. housing market by “flipping” several homes, but most importantly, overseeing their extensive redesign processes. His construction knowledge and appreciation of modernism impressed prospective buyers, as well as Cintron’s real estate broker, who hired him to redesign his own home. That was Cintron’s first project, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Cintron’s aesthetic is informed by the likes of L.A.’s modern masters Richard Neutra, R.M. Schindler, and even prolific, global architecture firms. However, the former Silver Lake resident and longtime Angelino, readily acknowledges the influence of architecture-rich, European travel experiences, as well as his youth growing up in the shadows of New York City. Such urban interiors often demand not just a strong creative treatment, but deep attention to efficient use and functionality of space—both Cintron specialties. Meanwhile, Cintron also understands the need to embrace the property’s original integrity, charm and character, while identifying ways to update, balance and customize.

Upon project inception to completion, Cintron is particularly attentive to his clients’ lifestyles or brand identity. This might involve seamlessly marrying indoor and outdoor environs for a large family, or creating just enough distinction between living space and home office. Notable, recent L.A. projects like the extensive interior/exterior redesign of the famous Al Jolson estate , and the transformation of a garment showroom from mild-mannered to modern, were careful endeavors that required enduring design and durable standards of beauty. Such achievements, combined with a strong portfolio that includes commercial design work, and Spanish-style and traditional residences, among other spaces, position Cintron and Inhabit Space, Inc. for continued success.